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All I have to do is roll one of these in between my hands and my cat Hector comes running from anywhere in the house for playtime. A HUGE hit in this household! I bought the big bag because they always end up under the furniture. This way the kitties have enough to play with until I get to digging them out.
Customer Reviews:

none of my cats is extremely placid, he doesn't get very riled up over anything. The only time I've ever heard him hiss is when we give him a new one of these balls and put our hands anywhere near his mouth as if we want to "steal" it from him. We've tried many crinkle ball types, but these are the ones we keep coming back to. The bulk pack is nice because you can put out a few, and when they start to get shriveled and full of cat goober and no longer round or crinkly, you can toss them and take out a couple of new ones without having to track down a pet supply store or deprive your kitty of valuable play hours.

We can’t find these small sized toys anywhere anymore, just the medium and large and for some reason our cats are insane for the small ones. As soon as they hear the crinkle they come running to play. They chase them everywhere, batting them around and carrying them in their mouths. We find the toys in the water fountain, under couches and furniture, just everywhere. Excellent cat toy.
I have been buying this companys crinkle balls for years and years. It is, by far, my cat’s, now 17, favorite toy. I buy these as gifts when my friends get cats or kittens and they also tell me that their cats love them. I don’t know what it is, maybe the combination of soft ball and crinkle material but my cat just is obsessed. My previous cat, Flip, used to walk around with the ball in her mouth and make these gutteral noises like she just caught a mouse. It was crazy. My current 17 year old cat tosses the balls into the air and goes nuts with them. Sometimes she drops a few balls at my feet like she is giving me a present or two. The bad thing is that eventually the balls get lost in the house and I need to buy a bunch to replace them. I know, one day, I will find 400 of these crinkle balls somewhere in the corner of a room in the house under a huge piece of furniture or sofa

my cat loves this ball. doesn't like playing with the full mylar ones. 

I bought a ton of toys for my new kittens who just didn't seem playful enough and were acting more like elderly cats than kittens, my mail was jingly for nearly two weeks. Of the dozens of toys I tried, this is the only one they showed any interest in, and they just love these things. They literally play with them until ithey all goe under a piece of furniture and they can no longer reach them. If the price bump for the next size wasn't so extreme, I'd go for that one. As it is, I'll happily recover these from beneath the couch to see these girls so energetically enjoying a toy. (Also, my husband and I enjoy them because we really like saying "crinkle ball," but we have the sense of humor of eight-year-olds so that might just be us.)
My grand kitty is blind so I buy these balls with a good crunch sound so she knows where I throw the ball. I start off by scrunching the ball in between my fingers and then I throw it. She knows where the ball is more so if the ball had no crunch sound. 👍🏻😘
Will buy forever! This is my cats favourite toy hands down cos it sounds kind of like plastic and he loves to rummage and make a lot of noise at night but when I throw this ball at him he goes crazy and I can sleep through the balls slight crinkle no problem
These are well made and durable large colorful crinkle balls. Our kitten carries these around in her mouth and then drops them so she can "whack" them through the house. Our grand-puppy brings them to us so we can play catch games. Fun for everyone!

Our kitten loves this toy, he walks around with it in his mouth like a pacifier, chases it, playes with it non-stop. The only problem is he hides them so well that not only we can't find them, but I don't think he can find them. I was buying them 5 at a time this order I'm going to buy 10. It's the greatest toy I just wish I could find it at the pet stores. It's worth the money I have to pay to order on line, I just wish the shipping wasn't so high. Great toy, lasts as long as you can find them!
We have six of these already. Bought more as our cats keep losing them under our furniture. They love to run around our apartment carrying them in their mouths.

Our lil guy loooooooves these. He will play soccer with them for hours, can carry them around.... they are by far his favourite toys and will always grab his attention. I love that they are Canadian as well!!
Will buy forever! This is my cats favourite toy hands down cos it sounds kind of like plastic and he loves to rummage and make a lot of noise at night but when I throw this ball at him he goes crazy and I can sleep through the balls slight crinkle no problem